Art Mashariki

Sponsorship Document 2016

Sponsorship Document 2016

Sponsorship Levels

1. Title Sponsorship @ KES 26,000,000

2. Co-Sponsorship @ KES 13,000,000

Sponsorship Category: TITLE SPONSOR

Sponsorship Amount: KES 26 million


1. Your company will be featured as the Title Sponsor and the platform will be referred to as Art Mashariki, proudly sponsored by “Your Company Name”. This will provide your company with the distinction of being known to promote innovation and local entrepreneurship by women.

2) Your Company Name will be built into our Logo on all our marketing material and also on our Facebook & Instagram profile pictures.

3) Your Company Name will appear prominently on Art Mashariki’s Homepage, under the Page Title as shown in the image below. Clicking on your company’s name will open your website.

4) On Art Mashariki’s Homepage, one of the 3 slideshow banners will read something along the lines of [Free Lifetime Memberships on Art Mashariki for everyone! All thanks to “Your Company Name”]. This will let all our members and site visitors know your company is directly helping artists and creatives in East Africa by levelling the playing field, allowing anyone with talent to join the service.

5) Your Company Logo will appear at the footer of all pages on Art Mashariki, including on each and every one of our members’ portfolio pages. When visitors and other members click to view someone else’s portfolio, the typical behaviour is to scroll down the full page so as to see all the images on the portfolio. Since your logo will appear after the last image or video, it will be seen a lot. The logo will also be a link to your company’s website.

6) Acknowledgement as official sponsor in all press materials including press releases, press advisories, public service announcements etc.

7) Right to use the website Name and Art work for your Promotional Advertising.

8) Art Mashariki will partner with Nairobi photographers to offer 2 free photoshoots every month for selected aspiring members who do not otherwise have access to professional-grade photography. In marketing the free photoshoots, we will state that the initiative is made possible by “Your Company Name” showing your contribution to the growth and professionalisation of the fashion , photography and arts industries in East Africa.

9) At the free photoshoots’ locations, your company’s banner (supplied by you) will be placed alongside Art Mashariki’s banner. At the end of each shoot, the people selected for the free photoshoots will take a picture next to Art Mashariki & Your Company’s banners and this will be posted on our social media pages and seen on press advisories if any.

10) Art Mashariki will have Monthly Instagram Giveaways - made possible by “Your Company”. Giveaway Example:
“This month we’re giving away a Nikon D7000 digital camera worth KES 70,000 so that you can take those quality shots to add to your portfolio! This giveaway is made possible by “Your Company Name”. To stand a chance to win, complete these 4 steps. 1) Follow @artmashariki 2) Follow @“Your-Company’s-IG-account” 3. Like this post. 4) Regrann this post. Only accounts that have completed all 4 steps will stand a chance to win. Winner to be announced on DD/MM/YYYY.”

The Image below shows: 

  1. {Proudly Sponsored by “Your Company Name”} under Homepage Title.

  2. Banner image thanking “Your Company Name” for making ‘free lifetime memberships’ possible.

  3. “Your Company Logo” on the homepage footer. The logo will appear on all pages on Art Mashariki.

Marketing To Expect as a Title Sponsor.

1) Prominent placement on 2 * [3m by 6m] billboards (Set up for 1 year)
2) Prominent placement on 30 lightboxes (Set up for 1 year)
3) Mentioned as our proud sponsor on 4 prime time radio adverts / month (mentioned in 48 prime time radio adverts/year)
4) Either mentioned and/or your Company Name built into our logo for our Facebook & Instagram daily ongoing ads
5) Your Company’s Banner (supplied by you) present at all sponsored photoshoots (24 shoots / year)
6) Art Mashariki will require people to follow your company’s Instagram account as one of the steps they need to follow to stand a chance of winning the monthly giveaways

Sponsorship Category: CO-SPONSOR

Sponsorship Amount: KES 13 million


You company will get all the benefits listed under Title Sponsorship except, you will share the sponsor title with another company, hence the platform will be referred to as Art Mashariki, proudly sponsored by “Your Company Name” and “Company B”.


Liz Ng’ang’a, Founder/ CEO.